This page contains general information for those who visit the website or intend to access the website wwwconsilierepsihologica which is automatically directed to in order to use the services provided by the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana or in any other purposes.


This document contains the terms and conditions applicable for you to access and use the website: 

Please read this document carefully.

When you acces the website which is located at (referred to in this document as “”) or by any other way of accessing the content of this website or using the materials, information or any other data available on it or made available through you are required to comply with this Agreement.

The owner of the websites and

The websites and are the property of ADRA PROTECTIA MUNCII & RESURSE UMANE SRL, fiscal code 34258161, based in Bucharest, bd. Apicultorilor, no. 38A, AP. 33, sector 1, both websites has being administered by the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana, fiscal registration code 40020333, based in Bucharest, sector 1, Bd. Apicultorilor, no. 38A, ap. 33.


In this document, the following capitalized terms will, unless otherwise stated in the context, have the meanings specified below:

WEBSITE: represents the Internet WEBSITE belonging to SC ADRA PROTECTIA MUNCII & RESURSE UMANE SRL and managed by the Individual Psychology Office Birlica Adriana, which is located at, through which the USER has access to information about services offered / provided by to the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana.

USER: represents the person who accesses the SITE, for private or professional purposes and who has accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this SITE, fulfilling in this sense all the requirements of the registration process or a visitor of the site who is not registered / logged.

ABUSIVE USE: represents using of the WEBSITE in a way contrary to the practice in the field, of the regulations and of the legislation in force or in any other way that may cause damages to the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana/ ADRA PROTECTIA MUNCII &RESURSE UMANE SRL.

THE COMPANY: means ADRA PROTECTIA MUNCII & RESURSE UMANE SRL- the owner of the website, respectively the Administrator of the website, Cabinetul Individual de Psihologie Birlica Adriana, with the identification data mentioned above; means

AGREEMENT – means the present general terms and conditions of accessing and using the website.

MATERIALS, WEBINARS – means all documents, information, collections of documents in the field of personal development, provided by, free or for a fee, according to the offer of services available at the time of contracting the services by the User;

SERVICE – ensuring the user’s access to Materials, documents and information transmitted through the Internet, with the help of this site;

ACCESS – the User’s request to buy / take possession of the Materials, documents, articles, webinars published on

Application of the website

The conditions presented on this page are valid for the website This website may include links to other websites for which our company bears no responsibility. When accessing these websites, please also consult the conditions of use of those websites in order to understand how it works, under what conditions it uses your data and how that data is processed.

If you wish to use other related services provided by our company or our affiliates, additional terms and conditions of use will apply.

Considering that the website is automatically directed to, the present terms as well as the general conditions of use of the website also apply to

The content of the website

The information published on the WEBSITE is information on the services provided by the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana, as well as other information in the field of personal development in audio, video or blog article, considered by the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana interesting for USERS.

The USER of the website has the obligation to respect all the intellectual property rights of the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana, provided by the legislation in force.

Use of the website

The USER of the website undertakes to access and use the WEBSITE for purposes and by means that do not constitute an abusive use.

Copyright of the website

The Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana is the author of this website and benefits from all intellectual property rights recognized by Romanian and international law. In the absence of other specifications, all materials, including images, illustrations, designs, photographs, audio / video clips, etc., are the property of the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana. Also, in the website are published various articles taken from various specialized sources, these being mentioned in the footer of the respective page.

The content of this website, in full and / or in part, may not be exploited for any purpose other than the use of the services, without the prior written consent of the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana L.

Carrying out unauthorized operations on this website and / or attempting to carry them out, including but not limited to misuse, fraudulent use, unauthorized access, modification, copying of information for marketing purposes, blocking access, etc., will be reported to the authorities and will be punished according to law. The articles published on the blog of the website can be redistributed, published on other pages provided that reference is made to the initial source of publication, respectively the author of the respective article.

Limitation of the liability of the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana

The responsibility for the content of the WEBSITE belongs to the administrator of the web-site, the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana.

The Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana cannot be held responsible for the damages created by the errors, inaccuracy or non-updating of the information published or maintained on the SITE, which is not due to its fault. All materials on the website are available to be listened to, read, resolved, completed, purchased may be subject to permanent changes / updates.

The client who reads / listens / downloads / buys materials from the web-site, is responsible for processing the materials purchased strictly for himself, any multiplication, resale being allowed only with the written consent of the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana.

The prices of the products / services on this SITE are informative and they can be changed without any notification. The promotions presented on the SITE are valid for the mentioned period of time.

Additional losses / costs

The owner of the website, respectively, its administrator is not responsible for any loss, costs, lawsuits, claims, expenses or other liabilities, if they are directly caused by non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions. Also, they are not responsible for the damages created as a result of the non-functioning of the website as well as for those resulting from the impossibility of accessing certain links published on the website. The owner of the website, is not responsible for technical failures of the network / equipment belonging to the mobile telephony operators / payment processor, etc.

Accessing the website

The access of this website implies the acceptance of the USERS that their personal data be kept and processed by the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana. The information you send us is treated with the utmost confidentiality and exclusively for the purposes for which it was collected.

The purposes of processing this data are: creating a user account for purchasing services / products, delivering ordered products, subscribing to our newsletters (user consent), sending commercial communications (user consent), sending offers for complementary products / services ( based on the user’s consent and based on the legitimate interest of the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana

At the time of contacting, the user will be informed about the purpose of the action for which he was contacted and will be asked for consent, if that action involves the processing of his personal data and this requires his consent.

The Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. The Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana undertakes that personal data will not be disclosed to third parties through sale, partial disclosure or rental

The Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana may disclose your personal information to group companies or authorized third parties, with which the company has concluded various contracts, all of which are validated by the Legal Department and followed by non-disclosure agreements. and / or personal data processing agreements (DPA).

If you select the option to pay online the payment with a bank card, the Individual Office of Psychology Birlica Adriana will send to the payment processor only data related to your order, without accessing and processing other data related to the bank card.

Any processing of your personal data will be done in compliance with the Policy on the protection of personal data.


You can send us questions, comments, notes, suggestions, ideas or observations regarding the content of this website and the services offered by the website to the email address:, as long as their content is not  illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, likely to affect the privacy, intellectual property rights, of the Individual Cabinet of Psychology Birlica Adriana or of third parties, and does not contain viruses, does not run political / electoral campaigns, commercial requests, letters chain, mass mailings or any other form of spam.

Processing of personal data

For more information about the processing of personal data that we collect when you visit the website, please consult the Privacy Policy.

Applicable law

The terms and conditions applicable to the visit on the website are subject to Romanian legislation.


The Individual Cabinet of Psychology  Birlica Adriana reserves the right to modify and update at any time the content of this website, as well as the conditions of use, without prior notice. Therefore, please visit this page periodically to check the applicable conditions.

Payment of materials, delivery of ordered materials and other transactions

Free services

Within the website, Users have the access based on the registration of a User account, with user and password.

Within the virtual store, the User can have access to free materials and webinars

Creating a User Account

In order to place an order for our products and services, you need to create an account in the section for this operation, thus becoming a Registered User of the website The registration of an account will be done by providing an e-mail address. mail, a related password, as well as a username, respectively “username”.

Also, by registering an account you will be able to manage more efficiently the orders placed on the website, having the possibility to view other useful information regarding previously placed orders, issued invoices, etc. 

The placed order will be completed by full payment of the chosen services by one of the methods accepted by expressly indicated on the platform, including online by card or bank transfer. 

Attention, the simple choice of a package of informative services without completing the order does not imply its registration!

When completing the order, confirm the correctness of the data provided above and also assume the obligation to pay the payment amount displayed. 

After placing an order, you will receive the e-mail address (e-mail address specified by you when creating the account or another e-mail address mentioned when placing the order) a notification confirming the order and successfully registering the payment made. 

The contract for the supply of the chosen product or service is considered concluded between and the User upon receipt by the latter by e-mail of the notification regarding the successful payment. 

Also, according to the legislation in force, is obliged to issue the fiscal invoice for the services provided. In this sense, you have the obligation to correctly send to all your identification data necessary for issuing the respective fiscal invoice. 

We inform you that you can consult the prices related to the services offered by on the platform, these being expressed in RON(Lei ). The price of a service provided by is the one displayed on the website at the time of order completion. makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on the website regarding the services offered to its customers and the prices related to them are up to date, correct and complete.

General aspects related to payments

All payments to the Company, including the applicable fees or additional costs related to these payments, must be made in advance, in Lei. Upon payment, you will receive full information on payment amounts, including all additional fees and costs, if any.


Access to the materials / webinars with the requested payment, which is included in the content of, is allowed only after payment (as described below). However, we offer you the opportunity to observe what the materials / webinars contain.

Newsletter subscription and where the data is sent

The subscription to the newsletter is made through the existing subscription forms within the blog articles or in the menu area. 

The transfer of data collected from you is done to MailChimp, the service that helps us collect the data stated in the newsletter subscription forms. The servers are located in the USA. Their personal data protection policy is here.

Registration in the forms and where the data are sent

Your personal data mentioned in the forms dedicated to courses / events are used strictly to respond to your request expressed in the form. They are not stored or used for any other purpose. 

The data collected from you is transferred to Google Drive, the service that helps us collect the data declared in the forms in a secure way. 

The servers are located in the USA. Their personal data protection policy is here.

Addressing users through online advertising

We run online advertising campaigns to inform you about the products and services we offer and / or about the articles published on this site. In this context, we use the advertising network Google Ad, Facebook, Instagram through several techniques of addressing users in campaigns – based on demographic data (sex, age, geographical distribution, proximity), or interests – this information being made available by the network mentioned above. 

Often, our ads, which you see on other sites, are displayed based on information we have about you (for example, when you visit or sign up for a particular course / event on the site ours, you will then be addressed on Facebook with advertising for that course or other ancillary products / services).

Purchase / delivery policy for materials purchased from the website

In order to buy one or more materials / webinars that are on the website, you must expressly request this type of service, by placing an order directly on the site or by contacting us directly at office @ consilierepsihologica .

When you placing any order it is necessary to register and activate a User Account. This account can be registered by you or, at your express request, it can be registered by the support team of In all cases, however, the account will be activated by you. 

If the account is registered by the support team, we suggest you change the password for this account the first time you access it.

The materials published for sale on the site can be purchased online, accessing the buttons / links from the platform. 

Once the payment is made, you will have access to materials that will be downloaded to your computer in the form of a compressed folder of “zip” type that will include all the documents listed in the description of that material.

In the case of webinars, after making the payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and on the day the respective webinar will be organized, you will receive a link by e-mail to allow you to participate in that webinar, by connecting on the zoom platform.

For psychological services that take place in the office or online, which you paid directly from the site, after confirming the payment you will receive an e-mail confirming an appointment specific to your request. If the appointment proposed by is not compatible with your time, you can request the preference of the day and time interval in which you can come to the office or set up the consultation online.

Unilateral termination is not allowed after payment, respectively, after unloading the requested materials. We cannot offer you refunds for purchases made through All materials are informative in order to help you in specific situations, but do not replace drug treatment, if it is prescribed by your doctor.


Failure by the User to comply with the conditions of use of the Materials, respectively the obligations regarding the protection of the intellectual property detailed in the above section, entitles the Company to terminate future contracts.

Website changes

The Company reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or delete at any time portions of the Content

To the extent that these changes would have an impact on the services provided to users of, they will be informed about the changes made through the platform, by publishing a statement regarding the changes on

Registration, passwords and responsibilities

When you place an order on our website, the data we need to process the order are name and surname, e-mail address and telephone number, and, if applicable, data for the tax invoice.

In order to use the services offered, you undertake to:

1) provide true, accurate and complete data about you as required by the registration form and

2) maintain or update, when the situation requires it, the registration data to be true, accurate and complete.

If you provide information that is not in accordance with reality, inaccurate or incomplete, the team is exonerated from any liability for any damage caused to the user as a result of providing it with data inconsistent with reality, xxx, incomplete.

Your access to certain services and information on the website is password protected. 

We recommend you do not disclose this password received from website to anyone. We will never ask you for your account password in unsolicited messages or phone calls. We therefore advise you not to disclose this password to people who ask you to do so. Moreover, we recommend that you log-off / sign out of your account. We also advise you to close the browser window in which you worked at the end of your browsing in the sites or services provided by

These tips are designed to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your personal information or correspondence when you work on a computer network in a public place (in Internet cafes, for example).

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Consequently, despite our efforts to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us, to and from our online services or our products. We therefore warn you that any information sent to us will be at your own risk.

Each registration is made for a single User. It is forbidden to disclose the access data (username and password) to the account to third parties, regardless of their quality. does not allow the access of several Users or the access of a network to the content of

Confidentiality agreement

The information you provide to will be used only in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Agreement.

Claims of third parties

If any third party makes claims against the Company derived from or regarding the way you use the platform and / or the services offered by, you will cover any damage, loss and / or expense incurred by the Company as a result of those claims. formulated to the Company.

Fortuitous impossibility of execution

Considering the nature of the services offered by the Company and the delivery of the Content, exclusively online, there may be interruptions of access to, respectively delays or errors in the provision of services and Content, not attributable to the Company, results directly or indirectly due to causes that do not depend on the will of, such as, for example, errors in the operation of the technical equipment from, lack of functioning internet connection, lack of functioning telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to, operating errors, strike, force majeure or fortuitous event, etc. In any of these situations, according to the law, the Company cannot be held liable to the Users for any form of damage, direct or indirect, suffered by them as a result of the occurrence of these situations.


Modification of this Agreement.

The team may modify the present conditions of this Agreement, at certain time intervals without notifying the User. Such changes will be made known to the User by posting on the website. Modifications made in this way are considered to be accepted by the User if he continues to use the service after posting them on the website.


Any notification to must be sent in writing, by e-mail to the email address:

Applicable law

The rights and obligations of the parties established by this Agreement, as well as all legal effects produced by this Agreement will be interpreted and governed by the Romanian law in force. Any dispute having as its object this Agreement shall be brought for settlement before the competent Romanian courts.

The right of withdrawal and the exceptions to this right

According to the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in distance contracts, the consumer has the right to withdraw from a contract, without having to justify the decision to withdraw and without incurring other costs, before placing the order, respectively, to pay for the Materials.


According to the provisions of art. 16 of GO 34/2014, the contracts that have as object the supply of the following product categories (extract) cannot be denounced:

– The provision of digital content that is not delivered on a material medium, if the provision began with the prior express consent of the User (buyer) and after he confirmed that he became aware that he will lose his right of withdrawal.

Limitation of liability

The user expressly declares that he understands and agrees with the following statements:

I. The use of the service is at your own risk. The service is provided on an “as is” or “as available” basis. The team will not be responsible for any loss suffered by the User, direct or indirect, resulting from or related in any way to the use or performance of the service, this website or the websites related to it. .

II. The team does not offer any guarantee that:

1. the service will meet all your requirements;

2. the service will be provided uninterrupted, on time, securely or without errors;

3. any program error will be corrected;

4. the service will be compatible with the user’s platform or software applications;

5. the service or server that makes it available to users is free of viruses or other components that could harm users and cannot be responsible for any action you take based on that information or service.

III. Any material obtained by using the service provided by the team is thus at the discretion and can be used only at the User’s own risk. The user will be the only person responsible for any damage caused to the computer from which the service is accessed or for other data loss that may result from downloading any material.

Requests for personal data

Our goal, regarding this website, is an educational one, and the new European rules for the protection of personal data (GDPR) are part of this context. Therefore, we may provide you with all personal data we hold about you, as well as the option to request the deletion of such data. To unsubscribe from the newsletter you must access the unsubscribe section. You can also request it by email at Also at this address you can request any other information regarding the personal information I have about you. I can always delete all information about you, just ask for it on the email address mentioned above.

Personal data

According to Regulation (EU) 679/2016, known as the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, Luk Expert Consulting SRL, is obliged to process the personal data provided by you, only in compliance with the security measures and for the communicated purpose.

The personal data that you send us when filling in the contact forms or by e-mail are treated with strict confidentiality. You are not obliged to send us personal data, but the data transmitted voluntarily by you will be used exclusively for the purpose of processing your request. The data may be transmitted exclusively for internal purposes. In exceptional cases, the data are processed with our consent by collaborating partners (authorized persons). In such a case, we make sure that our carefully chosen partner meets the legal requirements regarding data protection. According to Regulation (EU) 679/2016, known as the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, you benefit from the right of access, intervention on data and the right not to be subject to an individual decision. At the same time, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you and to request the deletion of data. You also have the right to go to court. According to the European Regulation 679/2016 on the protection of personal data, as a natural person you benefit from the following rights:

– information and access to personal data

You have the right to obtain from us a confirmation that personal data concerning you are processed or not and, if so, access to the respective data.

– restricting the processing of personal data

There may be situations where you want to restrict the processing of certain data only for a certain period of time. For example, if you do not want to receive commercial messages from certain categories of interest from us for a month, you can, at any time, send a request by e-mail in this regard or make changes to the user account. When you want to cancel the processing restriction you can do it by one of the methods used for the restriction.

– Opposition to the processing of personal data: It is possible that at some point, you may not want to process certain personal data without deleting them from our database. You can exercise this right at any time.

– downloading in an accessible format of personal data: you have the possibility to request personal data in a structured format, currently used and which can be read automatically. You can make this request by e-mail or from your account.

– rectification of personal data: whenever you change your personal data (for example you change your e-mail address) you can update your information in our database by accessing your account online or by a request sent by e-mail.

– automated individual decision-making process, including the creation of profiles: our website uses cookies for the following purposes: creating an anonymous user profile, recognizing the internet browsing program, to know where you came from on our website , etc. More information on this topic can be found in the “Cookies” section above.

If you do not agree with the cookies you can disable them from the settings of the internet browser or you can leave our page. Warning, some pages, such as the order page, may not work properly due to disabling cookies.

– deletion of personal data: if, for various reasons, you want to delete your personal data from our database, you can make a request in this regard by e-mail or user account.

Please note, if your personal data is processed in compliance with a legal obligation, the request to delete this data may be refused, in which case only those data that we can no longer process without your consent will be deleted.

To exercise any of the above rights, you can send a request by e-mail to the e-mail address:

In order to be sure that you are the owner of the data, please send the requests using the e-mail for which you make the request.

Notifications and complaints

Any notifications or complaints regarding the purchased information service can be formulated and sent by e-mail to the e-mail address: will proceed to the resolution of these notifications / complaints within a reasonable time, without exceeding 30 calendar days from their receipt.

Thank you,

The team