Psychological couple counseling is addressed to couples who have difficulties in managing conflicts. 

In a psychological couple counseling the focus is on him, her and the relationship. 

This form of counseling involves both partners to express their thoughts and feelings under the careful guidance of a psychologist, seeking to improve the relationship between the two partners, identifying and recognizing differences, expressing emotions and communication between them.

Family and family relationships are the main source of human emotional life. The child’s emotional relationship with his/her mother and father will be the basic model of developing feelings for himself/herself and others.

The way to have a harmonious couple relationship is given by:

  • loyalty to the partner;
  • the gentle and kind tone with which the discussions are conducted;
  • attention paid to each other;
  • courting each other permanently.

The needs of the two partners in a couple relationship are different, the needs of the woman are:

– security, in which the husband/wife is a constant support, the need for the manifestation of love through 

– communication (psychological comfort), the need for verbal communication, which is more important than the physical one. 

The need for a home and the desire to have children is an extremely important need for women, housekeeping and that family “nest” are among its essential needs, while the needs of men are primarily to feel that he is respected and appreciated and to have mental and psychosexual comfort. This second need is important for the man because food and sex are not separated from the relational psychological comfort of the husband. 

The most difficult problems arise in a marriage when each thinks of his/her own needs and not the other’s.

For everybody the most important things in this life are affection and understanding in the family. 

Studies show that for harmonious marriages these qualities are needed:

  • fidelity to one’s life partner;
  • involvement in family life;
  • balanced lifestyle;
  • a true love for people.

A stable family environment is the basis for professional success. A beautiful relationship with your partner increases creativity and improves the standard of living.

“If you treat your family partner as he / she is in the present, so he/she will remain as he/she is now. If you treat him/her as he/she should and could be, he/she will become better and bigger. ” – Goethe

Give your partner a reason to make progress and not regress!